Thursday, April 05, 2012


After six full years (to the day) of operation, this site will no longer be active after April 5, 2012. Submissions sent after that date will be ignored. The blog's archives will continue to be accessible as they are now. Thank you to the many who have shared a bit more (or a lot more) of themselves than they'd do on their own site!
"Gazing, Waiting, Contemplating..."
"Wood Nymph"
"First appearance - 4/6/2006
Final appearance - 4/5/2012"
"The End"
"Mid-day nap..."
"She didn't...!"
"The End - II"
"Need more?"
"How many licks does it take to get to the center...?"
"Against the wall..."
"What a Long Strange Trip it's Been!"
"Peekaboo and Surprise!"
"All Good Things Come to End"
"Sneak Peek in the Office"
"Ride me one last time..."
"OHNT Finale - Part Deux"
"A Beautiful Ending"