Thursday, July 04, 2013

OK--this is an experimental version of HNT.  During 2013, this site will host HNT every three months (Apr/Jul/Oct/Jan) on the first Thursday of the month.  Many HNTers no longer blog, or the focus of their blog has changed.  Yet they'd still like the opportunity to show off their exhibitionist side.  That's why they're here.  Please leave comments for them.  And play nicely!  They won't come back if they think they're unappreciated! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Os for taking it upon yourself to do all this work to expose our half-nekkid selves!

Autumn said...

thank you Os for inviting me to participate. it is lovely to see everyone! :)

loves autumn

Johnny Rat said...

I hope someone told Q!

I have not stopped by for years but I am glad to see iit is still rolling along and the women are just as beautiful as ever!