Thursday, September 27, 2007


Anonymous said...

Your right. They are much nicer than those others. In fact, they are easily the best looking pair on display here today.

Anonymous said...

I might have to concur there

the good fairy said...


Please don't compare photos on this site. This is not a contest. If you like something, go ahead and say you like it and why. But please don't say one is best or better than the others.

Everyone here is beautiful.

Real people are exposing themselves for an array of reasons. Be kind to them.

Imagine if your picture was part of an "Other HNT" post and someone left a comment saying that another picture was better than yours.


I think all the ladies are lovely and sweet and I'm glad they sent in their pix.

TAG said...

I agree with the good fairy. They are ALL nice.

Thanks much to everyone that sent in a photo.


Bubbles said...

These boobies are actually mine. Not sure what all this hub bub and comparison stuff is but everyone on here is quite lovely.

~d said...

I love love love this pic! These (boobs) are rockin!

Anonymous said...

Boobs and Bubbles - always the best of friends. Gorgeous :)