Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Comments are appreciated.
I want to know what people really think..."


Anonymous said...

Looks normal in non-tumescent state

~d said...

VERY nicely, clean shaven! LOOKS smooth! YOW!

Anonymous said...

Thanks D I appreciate the comment.....It is nice that girls like it shaved......the penis owner

Anonymous said...

A very neat package - I'm sure the ladies will like it.

Anonymous said...

Shaven is *THE* only way to go in my book! ;)

Erin O'Brien said...

Hi anonymous. If you want your partner(s) to think you're sexy, don't worry about this department, it will be fine and your partner will love it no matter what because they are attracted to you--the inside you.

If you want someone to think your pieces and parts are the most wonderful thing they've ever seen, just fuel the whole party with desire--desire for each other. It is pure want that gives a man or woman that delicious prowess everyone covets.

If someone feels that desire, they will immediately react in kind. This chemistry is an extraordinarily powerful thing. It can magically transform every physical imperfection into yet another je ne sais pas detail that makes him/her all the more sexy and unique.

I think of all the men I've been attracted to in my life (I am 42) and it's always about who they are. My canned 'fantasy man' is sort of burly and hairy and tall and smirking, but I've fallen hard for smooth boyish types with brilliance and charm, only to find them every bit as sexy as that flamin' hunk-o-man Mike Rowe.

So have confidence and honesty and desire when you look into your lover's eyes. Then this picture won't matter at all.

Peace out--

Erin O'Brien

~d said...

That Erin knows her stuff. She speaks from the heart, and she speaks her truth.
I respect her and her opinion. She has told you everything a few bonus (tips).

Be well.

rob said...

I think it's Australia from the air, near Alice Springs.

Susan's Pet said...

Well, it's ah ... nice. But you know, I kind of prefer the more feminine parts. But keep trying.